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Monday, February 12, 2007

Sorry for ignoring the old blog, but I've has some changes recently. I was staying home with the baby for the past six months, but last month I went back to the old kind of work. The kind where I essentially count money and various other things for a company that I don't own. I started a new job last month at a company near here that makes plastics, or some kind of stuff...I'm still trying to figure it out. They buy stuff, turn it into something else and they sell it for a profit. A typical business model.

I'm actually going to Germany this weekend to visit one of the other plants, which will be my first trip over the pond. In my 37 and half years I haven't made that trip, not for lack of interest, but more related to a dislike of long trips and and plenty of other locations that are closer that I'd rather visit. I'm looking forward to being there, but not getting there. The 8 hour flight is more time in the air than I am used to, and I can't upgrade because I have to fly Delta. Oh well.

Here is a cute pic:

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